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How This Works

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Organization Details

MicroMentor, a social enterprise initiative of Mercy Corps, is an online platform that connects small business owners and entrepreneurs with skilled business mentors.  Our mission is to leverage the power of mentoring to help small businesses thrive. We do so by offering entrepreneurs direct access to a pool of committed professional mentors.  MicroMentor has an expanding community of more than 30,000+ users and a record of more than 15,000 mentor-mentee matches. Every year our community of mentors grows by over 3,500, and makes over 10,000 connections a year, making MicroMentor one of the largest mentor networks in the world.

Impact Story

By empowering change-makers and innovative thinkers from around the world with expert support, we can help them build successful enterprises that transform communities and economies - creating jobs, expanding opportunity, and solving important societal problems. Since launching in 2009, MicroMentor has served over 30,000 entrepreneurs with access to mentoring in more than 190 countries across the globe.