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Organization Details

Ways of Change is a co-created fashion brand connecting people affected by conflict and migration to a global community. We feature handmade jewelry and accessories by refugee artisans. WoC pays fair prices to refugees so that they may support and empower themselves through entrepreneurship while sustaining and building upon their traditional skills. 

WoC's unique jewelry and accessories honor and connect both the person creating the piece and the person wearing it. Our handmade jewelry and accessories tell the stories of people, communities, cultures and connections.

WoC works in a co-creative space, where we value each other's skills and experiences, in both the design of the pieces and the community projects.

Support Needs

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Impact Story

Ways of Change is a co-creation which was directly asked for by people living in these refugee situations. Together, we have created a marketplace for the use of traditional skills, provided Entrepreneurial Training and worked on Community Projects which are identified and managed by the communities themselves. 

Our projects focus on sustainable-living, self-reliance and empowerment. The underpinnings of our relationships focus on the valuing of people and their skills and experiences.

Ways of Change focuses on valuing and connecting people. We value people and their skills and experiences and our largest impact has been on seeing people's self-worth grow! 

We have undertaken training (all requested) including; large loom weaving, sewing machine and entrepreneurial (financial planning).

We have supported a guest house income generation project and a biogas project.

We have worked with the villages to develop a mutually empowering model of tourism. The village now offers ongoing Bamboo Workshops. 

We have placed and managed English teacher volunteers in the villages. 

We have worked on natural building projects with the villages and local schools.

We hosted a crowdfunding campaign for a village to purchase the land that they reside on.

We have employees in the villages and have provided a marketplace for over 40 artisans.