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U-recycle Initiative Africa

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

U-recycle Initiative Africa is a registered (CAC/IT/NO 157391) youth-led, non-profit organisation committed to advancing circular economy, environmental sustainability, and climate action across Africa.

Our projects are focused on enlightening youths to take action, empowering youths to create solutions to combat plastic pollution, and  we create value from waste through repurposing and recycling strategies,

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Impact Story

Excessive flooding, poisoning of the food-chain, polluted coasts, spread of killer diseases like malaria, destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity; The devastating impacts of plastic pollution on the environment and human health in Africa is rising but sadly the consumption, improper disposal and dumping of plastic waste increases by the minute.  Plastic pollution and its intersection with Climate Change is an issue we are working to address at U-recycle Initiative Africa

We believe that alongside systemic changes and efficient policy frameworks at the government level, this issue also calls for behavioral changes, informed actions and actionable solutions by consumers at the grassroots. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to do in promoting environmental awareness and education, because a lot of young Africans who see this problem around them may be concerned about the problem but are ignorant of what to do in their little spaces to address it.

Our organization was established in September 2018 and ever since then we have been committed to proffering solutions to the issue of pollution. Currently, as of July 2021, we have implemented over twelve projects which have enlightened and engaged over 6150 people in 11 African countries namely: Nigeria, Namibia, Rwanda, Gambia, Kenya,  Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Zambia, Africa, Madagascar and Uganda.

Our past and current strategies have included; environmental education outreach, school workshops, city events, awareness walks, continental cleanups, youth-development trainings, movie screenings, school recycling projects, environmental school clubs etc.

U-recycle Initiative's efforts are geared towards mitigating plastic pollution across Africa and protecting oceans, vulnerable communities, the planet, biodiversity, and humans from the perils of the plastic pollution crisis.