Based in Uruguay

Fundación Entre Soles y Lunas

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

The Foundation Entre Soles y Lunas is an international organisation that thanks to its global programme Heritage in Movement, develops and creates projects of communication, human rights, education, arte and culture which stimulates the interculturality, growth and integral projection of the human beings.


Its main core is migration, working  from a positive perspective and through the rescue of material and immaterial heritage values as articulator of the social fabric in harmony with the environment and the Sustainable Development Objectives. The Foundation works with the academy, society and states to create tools in a responsible, coherent and objective manner through creative alternatives that allow the minds to expand, and people to look at each other and recognise themselves in the others, reinforcing the mutual help.

Impact Story

The Foundation Entre Soles y Lunas is born from the necessity of spreading the word about responsible and concrete information to guide human beings in their exploring, discovering and expanding in safe conditions, opportunities and equity without any kind of segregation but respecting the identities and context of the different localities instead, either in origin or destiny points, always framed within the right of belonging, staying and moving freely.

It has developed 13 international academic events in different countries in Ibero-america based on Heritage in Movement. In 2016, the foundation created the hub MOLA, an international Latin-American sustainable fashion project that aims at promoting, positioning and creating development within the industry and towards the world. It is based on sustainability, innovation and technology, sharing knowledge, researches, creativity and design to intervene in the chain of production to create alternatives for young people and productive communities. With two international events (Latin-American Fashion Week) and more than 6,000 visitors, +100 press releases in specialised and general media, MOLA is a game-changer in the region. Today, MOLA is working in international events, seminars, education, communication, eco-travel and children, being the later through MOLITAS: educational programmes of textile art workshops where children from different contexts and public schools experiment and absorb values such as inclusion, respect, construction of societies by interculturalism and team work thanks to games, art and literature.