Based in Uganda

Willing Winners Community Based Organization

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

WW-CBO is a start-up community based organization run on voluntary basis by professionals desiring to make a difference in their communities. The organization focuses mainly on rural subsistence farmers who form over 70% of Uganda population. We purposefully target rural women and girls who contribute over 50% of agricultural workforce and yet have limited rights over land and at times their own produce because of old cultural norms!

We also purposefully target youth and disadvantage persons in the community. The youth form the largest percentage of the population full of latent energy for growth and development and yet currently either unemployed or underemployed.

We also focus on preservation of nature and biodiversity. Very straightforward, we either align ourselves with nature or nature destroys us.

In the community, we address matters of mind-set change, quality education; health and well-being; Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH); and social and economic development programmes.

Impact Story

We are trying to create both a social and economic impact in the rural community and also among the youth.

We hold youth workshops and camps to refocus and redirect us to positive youthful living; sharing experiences and guiding the youth both in career and talent development. In workshops and boot-camps we demystify peer pressure and emphasize self-determination and purposely living. We encourage youth to embrace digital world, to be influencers change before change changes them to be mere followers of change. For this reason we have created a WhatsApp platform to monitor, learn and follow current trends.

We are conducting an experiment on community block farming under irrigation scheme. After some research, we identified a farmland under irrigation and taken a one year lease for 10 acres. It was also decided to conduct farming activities jointly to take advantage of economies of scale and the collective synergies of a group.

Research results favored planting of improved local rice seeds resistant to diseases and varying climate conditions. We are using collective labor for planting, weeding and maintenance and so will be for harvesting, storage and marketing. We expect to make our first harvest in October and November this year. We have plans to expand the programme exponentially because of the glaring expected positive results.

We also promote planting of trees in the community, so far we have planted 50 fruit trees in addition to the programme to restore public road-side trees which have been felled for commercial reasons.

We have started a Willing Winners Saving Scheme; this will propel us to Willing Winners Investment programme by the end of this year.

Our objectives are aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially those relative to  least developed countries like food security; poverty alleviation; quality education; healthy for all; gender balance; and preserving & protecting nature.

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