Based in New Zealand

Future Whenua

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

Future Whenua Initiative is an umbrella organisation which provides governance, funding, recruitment and incubation to early stage, impact driven, rural projects. Consolidating several projects under the same business entity allows us to reduce administrative inefficiencies and get more bang for our impact bucks.

The projects we are involved in have potential for disruptive and transformational positive change. They are structured into 3 categories; ecological, technological and sociological. Some of these are driven internally and some from fellow grassroots innovators in the wider rural community. 

We will access captial through impact investment, grants, philanthropy management and sales through our various commercial ventures. This will be channelled directly to providing the support most needed in our many impact ventures. 100% of our profit will be re invested into regenerative activities.

Impact Story

We exist to provide the service described above for early-stage  impact focused, rural projects. Over the previous years we have been focused on and number of a projects individually and have constantly noticed the same issue. A lack of support for projects of our nature in our region. Hosting the Future Whenua Summit we connected with a number of entrepreneurs facing the same situation and we decided it was time we could make a change.