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Resilient Villages Uganda (REVU)

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Resilient Villages Uganda (REVU) is a grassroots non-profit charitable community-based organisation that promotes empowerment of impoverished women and girls for sustainable change. We do this through facilitating access to education, health and nutrition, women rights and gender equality, and women’s microfinance programs, to build resilient livelihoods. We have comprehensive experience in these areas, and we believe that families and communities benefit when women and girls are educated, engaged and economically secure. All our work aim to close the opportunity gap for women and girls, thus creating opportunities for alternative sources of livelihood, and to contribute to social transformation in Uganda. Our initiatives continue to work towards meeting UN established Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). 

Impact Story

We exist because in Uganda, many women and girls are held back from engaging in economic life. They are less likely to get an education, and many women are married at a young age to relieve the financial burden on their parents. Cultural norms and legal structures, such as inheritance and land ownership rights, reinforce inequality and hamper women’s economic empowerment. Women and girls in Uganda need extensive educational and economic support to unlock their potential, which in turn strengthens their families and communities. Without the skills and resources they need to overcome these barriers, women and girls are trapped in a cycle, unable to access economic opportunities, quality education, and health care services. Empowering women has positive repercussions for everyone in the community. Research shows that women are much more altruistic with their incomes. According to World Bank, women reinvest 90% of every dollar that they earn back into their families’ education, health and nutrition. This means that by supporting women, we improve access to nutritious food, healthcare and education for children and dependants too. 

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