Based in Malawi

Sustainable Rural Community Development

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Sustainable Rural Community Development was established in Malawi in 2009 and registered in 2010, initially focused on working with the rural masses in the area of Community Development especially by concentrating much on the economic development of the Women and the youth. Today Sustainable Rural Community Development is one of local NGOs, working in partnership with Nsanje District Councils and communities to implement development interventions reaching over 50,000 rural people. Over the years Sustainable Rural Community Development Malawi has gained significant experience across a range of areas including: Agriculture- small-scale irrigation, crop diversification, sustainable farming methods & value addition Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management, Gender and peace promotion activities

Impact Story

Since 2011 SURCOD has implemented a number of projects funded by different partners, this included Chididi Women’s Savings and Capital Building Project funded by Volkart foundation, Chididi Sustainable Land resources and environmental management project funded by volkart foundation, YEAH project funded by EVS in collaboration with Erasmus +,  Global Place project for youth funded by EVS in collaboration with Erasmus +, Chididi Women Skill Centre project funded by American Embassy in Malawi, Access to birthing kits funded by Birthing Kits Australia,


The vision of SURCOD is a community that is empowered to advance rural initiative to access basic needs which can improve livelihoods, self-reliance as well as community participation.


The mission of SURCOD is to facilitate development based on self-dependency and self-sufficiency of the rural people through effective implementation, promotion and support of integrated rural development projects with full participation, ownership and empowerment for beneficiaries through promotion of right based approaches


The goal of SURCOD is to promote sustainable integrated community development for the rural communities through improving food security, household incomes, access to social services, water and sanitation and promotion of natural environment

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