Based in Rwanda

Water Access Rwanda

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Water Access Rwanda (WARwanda) is a youth led and social enterprise in Rwanda that seeks to provide simple, affordable, durable water solutions. It also provides drilling and surveying services. WARwanda has pioneered 13 INUMA groundwater solar kiosk projects which is a new model and the best solution for sustainable provision of water to rural and semi-urban areas that sells purified groundwater in local communities.Through these set of unique solutions designed for households, communities, private businesses and farms; we make sure water is affordable, reliable and always safe.

Impact Story

Water Access Rwanda was started out of the desire to eliminate water scarcity in Rwanda whilst at the same time providing young people with employment. This desire was born after she witnessed how horribly rural and urban households were affected with economic water scarcity (the lack of CLEAN Water). Water was abundant but, in Rwanda, it was a killer due to the contaminants it contained.

The initiative was fueled further when 2 people lost their lives to crocodiles in Nyabarongo river, Rwanda. After this incident, Water Access Rwanda provided 6 spread out water system points within that vicinity with partership from Direct Aid International and the Local Government. This has led to the creation of skilled jobs for the youth, women and vulnerable groups.