Based in Palestine Territories

Yes Theatre for Communication among Youth (YT(

A Non-profit

Organization Details

YT is a community theatre that uses artistic performances, drama and theatre workshops, performances, capacity building training for teachers in theatre-based techniques, and activities of cultural exchange for community development.The overall objectives of YT are to contribute to; improve the psychosocial well-being of Palestinian children and youth through the use of Drama and Theatre, and to empower rights holders to know about, and claim their rights.Most of YT's activities are undertaken in cooperation with UNRWA- the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, and the Palestinian Ministry of Education. YT's activities in the Hebron district annually reach an audience of 30,000 school students and hundreds of public audience members.

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Impact Story

The most significant success story in this result is the participation of female trainees in

Yes4Youth program by 70%. Despite the conservativeness of the community, the female

trainees were able to prove their equal footing like their male colleagues by expressing

themselves through drama and theatre as part of their identity. This has come after a long

process of work within the general public, where many voices called for preventing females to

participate in YT activities, projects and programs.