Based in India

Aatm Nirbhar Learning Private Limited

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

In a country where women are told to stay at home, Aatm Nirbhar is inspiring young girls and women to believe that the world is at their feet. We are doing this by skilling women to ride two-wheelers through a fleet of female trainers to accelerate their socio-economic participation. All our trainers are women hailing from marginalised and BOP families. We are also working on increased female labour force participation in the gig-economy as delivery girls.

Impact Story

3 in 5 women in India pick a job that’s within 1 km from home, over one that takes them closer to their dreams. Logistics & Food Delivery Sectors are flourishing and yet you barely see a woman delivering your pizza or riding your bike taxi. 

Aatm Nirbhar believes that increased urban mobility for women will lead to gender diverse workforces, safer cities and increased socio-economic opportunities for women, thus boosting the economy and the society as a whole.  We have so far trained over 10,000 women and employed over 200 women in 12 cities across north India.