Based in Uganda

Psych Care Uganda

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

Psych Care Uganda is a youth-led nonprofit organization dedicated to the holistic 
well-being and empowerment of adolescents across Uganda. Our concept revolves 
around an integrated approach, merging mental health, sexual reproductive health 
and rights (SRHR), and career guidance. By integrating these three areas, we aim to 
provide a holistic approach that addresses the interconnected challenges faced by 
young people and creates a foundation for them to thrive emotionally, physically, 
and professionally. By doing so, we hope to empower them and contribute to a 
healthier, more prosperous community.

Impact Story

We exist to Empower adolescents through holistic support and comprehensive education and support in mental health, sexual reproductive health and rights, and career counseling by equipping them with essential life skills, knowledge, awareness, and resources through training, and comprehensive techniques to inform their 
decisions, and make an impact in their lives& communities. 

We reach out to communities and schools to offer proven information and resources that align with our core areas. 

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