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Harvest Training Cambodia

A Non-profit

Organization Details

We are a non-denominational and non-profit organization formed to help fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20) by working together with churches and Christian organizations to reach people in Cambodia with the Gospel. In 2004, it was formed with the vision to provide training for Khmer (Cambodian) people. The organisation was officially registered with the government in October 2012. Since that time, we have expanded to include ministry that helps a children's program, youths Program and Education Program that provide teaching in English, computer, arts, and office skills, especially a church planting was established from village to village.

Our ministry is about helping better the lives of people by bringing the Gospel to them in a Holistic way, which includes the whole person, being their physical, emotional & spiritual well being.

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Impact Story

What we do?
- Providing Bibles and related materials to those in the villages that have became Christians (Home Church).
- Running Mobile Medical Clinics once a month in the villages we work in.
- At times provide water filter, digging wells, building toilet, building shelter of worship God, vegetable seeds, and 
piglet at a heavily subsidized cost in order to help improve the well being of families.
- Education Program such as: kindergarten, Computer class, English class, Music Class and other sort skills. (We 
welcome those who have the motivation want to work with us as partner)
- Promoting personal, family, and small group Bible study.
- Partnering with churches and mission organizations, working together to better the lives of people, both physically “emotionally & spiritually”.
- Protecting donor investments through being accountable to them by giving monthly financial report.

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