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A Curiae

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Organization Details

A Curiae (short for Amicus Curiae, Latin for “friend of the court”) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that improves outcomes in the criminal justice system by supporting the court, clients, and community organizations through collaboration and problem-solving. The organization works at the intersection of the criminal justice system, public health, and community organization. A Curiae was devised from best practices and the therapeutic approach of collaborative courts. By taking a comprehensive approach to understanding the needs of and desired outcomes for all stakeholders, A Curiae assists the court in serving clients on supervision with the appropriate services and resources needed to develop and maintain long-term habits of success.

Impact Story

A Curiae provides direct services to clients involved in the criminal justice system (predominately at the federal level). The organization has three programs: (1) Resource Referral Assistance that coordinates services in the community. (2) Financial Assistance Track where clients are incentivized to participate in trainings or community service to which A Curiae will pay for removing barriers such as DMV or housing application fees. (3) Professional Mentorship Initiative (PMI) where clients are matched with mentors to build confidence and navigate their professional growth in the workforce. 

PMI is a national mentorship that elevates clients in their professional development whether obtaining their first job or asking for a raise. Mentors meet with clients via Zoom every few weeks to problem-solve issues and navigate their career paths. A Curiae also provides laptop computers to clients for a more intense mentorship that includes technology training, mapping a career path, and signing up for professional accounts such as LinkedIn and Zoom.