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Vision for Youth (V4Y)

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Vision for Youth Founded locally in Arusha, Tanzania in 2008 (registered in 2011 - Reg. No 00NGO/00004989), Vision for Youth (V4Y) has reached thousands of youth aged 15-35 to help remove barriers related to health, civic, education and economic challenges. V4Y is among leading youth organizations responding to the urgent need for youth development in Tanzania and the East African community. By working together with community, regional, and international partners, our projects focus on health promotion, economic empowerment, Education support and civic engagement to achieve our vision of a responsible and independent society.

In 2021, Vision for Youth celebrated its 10th year spent empowering and nurturing youth. V4Y has managed to work with 36 partners from 13 countries to impact over 64,611 young lives. 


Impact Story

Vision for Youth’s (V4Y’s) work has reached more than 64,611 young women and men aged 14-35 and helped to remove barriers related to their health (Sexual Reproductive Health), civic engagement, and economic empowerment. By doing this work, together with community, regional, and international partners, we hope to achieve our vision of a responsible and independent society.Vision for Youth’s (V4Y’s) mission is to provide experiences and promote methods for young girls and boys that ensure a sustainable livelihood, equitable access to opportunities, and the resources required for them to build a brighter future.

1. On create awareness on Sexual Reproductive Health and Life Skills. V4Y has reached out to more than 20,000 youth. V4Y has established clubs in schools/colleges and has provided training to these clubs through debate, group discussions, essay competitions, and training workshops.

2. On empowering young women and men V4Y has managed to provide business skills and sustainable economic opportunities to more than 5000 and incubating 48 business startups.

3. On Civic Engagement V4Y has managed to Increase youth participation in decision making and political processes; and Encourage youth for better participation in East African Community (EAC).



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