Luker Chocolate

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

We are a family company with over 110 years of tradition built on a dream, where chocolate is the source of inspiration and the opportunity to transform communities. At Luker Chocolate, we see sustainability as a tool that will enable us to last over time as an engine of economic, social, and environmental transformation. We are committed to creating greater wellbeing for all the actors in the supply chain, from the cocoa farmers right through to our customers.

Impact Story

Our goal for the supply chain is to integrate and humanise it, and finally, come full circle with strategies that enable us to share value with our customers and partners. We know that we need determination to transform the cocoa regions, which are home to approximately 38 thousand families that have been victims of the country’s armed conflict and are subject to very low multidimensional poverty indices. Thus, we focus our efforts on contributing to change in these regions in order to improve the quality of life of the farmers and the communities.

Working with Small Farmers:
Over sixty years ago, we understood that we have to go beyond merely buying cocoa and we decided to train small farmers through Granja Luker, so as to help increase productivity and good agricultural practices in order to improve the income of farming families along with their quality of life. To do so, we developed an educational model that provides farmers with access to better education resulting from over 100 years of research conducted by Luker Chocolate as well as the expertise of our technicians.

We have also accompanied the national government and worked on illicit crop substitution programmes, offering a legal exit way for over 5000 families that used to make their living from illegal crops and who are now growing cocoa.

Developing Sustainable Cocoa Forests
In 2011, we decided to set out on a new path by planting our own crops, and did so with the following goals in mind:

  • 1. Demonstrate that it is possible to implement productive and profitable agroforestry systems with the best varieties of Fino de Aroma, while reforesting the countryside and promoting the reinstatement of different animal and bird species.
  • 2. Demonstrate the power of the social and environmental transformation that a peacebuilding Project establishes by entering areas, which used to be victims of the conflict.