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NAHE LLC is an Agri-Grow business licensed to grow hemp in New York. We manage ten hemp farms working closely with the Amish community. We cultivate hemp for CBD extracts, flowers, fiber for building materials, and textiles. As fiscal sponsors, we host community-based events at community gardens in the Bronx. Nicole led the company in developing a relationship with a group of Amish farmers. She knew that working with the Amish promotes sustainable best practices Because they are known for their farm expertise and unique approach to regenerative farming. Some concerns related to the consumption of hemp irregulated products mislabels, inaccuracy or little to no tests of products, and fatalities caused a previous CBD consumption ban in New York. Clean safe consumable hemp products are the goal. 

Impact Story

“Growing towards a Greener Good"™ becoming a way of life. Our research industrial hemp program’s mission is to pursue and serve all potential and lucrative new agriculture opportunities. Industrial hemp for building products is expanding at urging rates and we have dedicated time and effort to selecting top-of-the-line plants to ensure primer products are on an entirely new level. The finest hemp seeds (non-GMO) will be lab tested and organically grown, processed, and made into building products. Many notions raised views on energy solutions, deforestation, and simplified growing procedures. Developing multi-purpose plant material that is sustainable and helps a greener earth and energy savings solutions is what we strive to achieve. NAHE adopts support with compassionate ideas for the earth, natural living assistance, as well a way of life. 

As the Coordinator at Bathgate Community Garden, and a member at Cookes Community Farm in the Bronx, we grow fruits and vegetables for the community. In 2020, Ms. N’diaye became a tracer at John Hopkins University and at the height of the pandemic, developed and executed safe and compliant outdoor events in the Bathgate community garden, sponsoring several community-based initiatives intended to educate on topics such as composting, food production, public health, delivering P.P.E., and advocating for environmental justice.