Based in Cambodia

My Dream Home

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

My Dream Home (MDH) is a social enterprise addressing chronic shelter shortage in Cambodia through the production of affordable, eco-friendly and easy-to-construct interlocking bricks. My Dream Home develops interlocking bricks similar to the concept behind the famous Lego bricks. The bricks are made from local materials that are abundant everywhere in Cambodia. When put together to form a building, interlocking bricks use less cement, are less labor-intensive, take less time and - most importantly - are 20-40% cheaper than traditional bricks. Our product has been designed with our client/beneficiary in mind. All costs have been reduced to a minimum to allow for affordable bricks that poorer families can afford. Everyone should be entitled a decent home to live and to look after their family.

Impact Story

Since mid-2015, the bricks have been sold to the market of 3 M bricks to different customers. In construction, MDH has helped coordinate the construction of 300+ houses for the middle class and the rich. By using MDH bricks, the cost of a house can be reduced by 20-40% compared to traditional building method.

The social business has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emission to the air. The amount of GHG calculated here does not include the amount of energy and cement that use less during house construction. Based on the academic journal: Brick kiln emissions and its environmental impact; it is expected that every 10,000 bricks, My Dream Home could reduce 5.14 tone of C02, 0.86 t of C0 and 0.04 t of S02.