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We are a community-based organisation that was founded to alleviate poverty among rural people and address environmental challenges in different communities; reduce food insecurity and improve on livelihoods of rural people especially smallholder farmer families through micro-enterprise while conserving the Environment as well.

We work with women, youth and marginalized groups of people including children, elderly and institutions such as schools.

Our mission is to Our mission is to fight poverty and inequality in low-income families. We do this through community capacity building to increase household incomes and entrepreneurship for self-sustaining livelihoods.

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Impact Story

Being a small organisation has not limited us from reaching and impacting lives. Since we are a community based organistion, we spend more time with the people we work with to identify and work with them to solve their problems. Through this strategy, this is how we have impacted the live of those we work with;

Several unemployed women have been supported to start smallscale village based eco-enterprises where they make crafts and bead products. The women rely on these enterprises for income generation and supporting their families.

Hundreds of smallholder farmer families now how the knowledge and skills how to be more resilient to climate change and are able to grow food and other crops to feed their families and sell the surplus for income.

Over 600 children in schools can now access safe water and dont have to walk miles every morning to fetch water to school.

However many people out there in remote areas of Lwengo-Masaka still struggle with poverty and solutions to these problems have not been found yet.

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