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A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

NuMundo is a transformational travel platform linking individuals to impact centers in Latin America. Impact centers are retreat centers, organic farms, ecovillages, and social benefit projects that provide educational experiences and social impact. It functions in a similar manner to Moving Worlds, in that it matches individuals with projects based on skills and experiences.

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Impact Story

We are addressing the challenge of education, and specifically education pertaining to sustainable development, which has aspects of food, water, energy, health, environment, and poverty. The grand challenge of our times is that the human species’ behavior on this earth is not sustainable in its present state. In large part, this is due to a broken education system. By building an educational platform for hands-on learning and creating a decentralized learning network, we are accelerating the distribution of information on best practices for sustainable development. The physical learning happens on the ground at “impact centers” - schools for regenerative development. These centers can also share information, best practices, and models with each other and with individuals virtually - an “Appropedia” for impact centers. Furthermore, we plan to develop templates for any individual anywhere in the world to convert any inhabitable space into a functioning impact center, so the network can scale more quickly. Ultimately, our goal is to accelerate the growth of an international network of impact centers who can innovate and spread sustainable living techniques to all corners of the earth. The economic and information engine that our platform is creating is supporting social entrepreneurs around the world to create their own impact centers. By demonstrating and reifying a regenerative lifestyle first-hand, we are building a bridge from concept to experience to integration in daily life. Our organization currently has 120 impact centers in our network, and have connected nearly hundreds of people to impact centers globally.