Based in United States

Honduras Child Alliance

A Non-profit

Organization Details

We are a diverse and collaborative, volunteer-based group, coordinating volunteer-powered projects to support education, health & hygiene, creative expression and community. Volunteers of any nationality, religious or ethnic background are welcome to participate. We work together to reinforce basic academic skills while enhancing the development of leadership skills, critical thinking & decision-making capabilities. 

Support Needs

We’re looking for:

Food Management & GastronomyManagementNonprofit OperationsOperationsTeaching

Impact Story

We rely on volunteers to help operate our literacy projects in both Spanish and English. Our programs include teaching English as a second language so our children can pursue education and employment opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.  We value partnership with Honduran community members and with volunteers from all over the world.  This gives us a unique perspective and it is our intention for HCA projects to always cultivate this vital collaboration.