Based in Colombia

Sanam Company

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

We develop an antioxidant beverage using the coffee pulp that is generally discarded in the diffrent coffee growers, and generates contamination during the fermentation process. Additionally we educate the people that work inside the farms about the byproducts management and we give them a economic value for the coffee pulp delivery to us.

Impact Story

The project started as a company that reuse the coffee fruit byproducts in order to avoid contamination. After a few years we started to develop a product that fits into the human consuption taking advantage of the high antioxidant level that the coffee pulp has.

With the operation, we are avoiding the CO2 emmission in the fermentation process, as we collect the byproducts from several coffee farms. At the same time we generate an additional income to the coffee growers by managing the byrpoducts correctly. Other positive impact is the wellness and health we provide trough the final product (antioxidant beverage) that we offer to the market.