Based in Bangladesh

Folia Water

A For-profit

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Organization Details

Folia Water:The World first water filter sold as mass market grocesry stores that ensures unversal access to safe drinking water for emerging countries

Folia is a triple bottom line company addressing people, planet, and profits: we use our patented coating for paper to make ourlow cost anti microbial water filter paper for safe drinking water purpose. Folia Water makes our paper into a 20-cent antimicrobial water purifier packaged like a simple coffee filter: the world’s first water purifier that costs pennies and not dollars. At 20 cents, each filter provides 20 liters of safe, germ-free water at the same penny per liter as other water purifiers that are sold as $40 appliances. However, the 2.1 billion people worldwide that have germs in their drinking water cannot afford to invest in expensive water appliances.  Our water purifier is instead sold as a razor-razor blade model through grocery stores where 100% of these consumers shop every day, collectively spending $3T on groceries.  

Impact Story

Creating positive impact on safe drinking water awareness and access, improved
health, and economic burden for low income BOP consumers
We are bringing material innovation to solve the global safe drinking water problem. Folia Water was founded with the aim of selling our
paper water filters in every retail store in every developing country so that Base of the Pyramid (BOP) families can have the agency to
control their own access to safe, germ-free drinking water. We are targeting working poor BOP with incomes of $1-5 per capita, $2-10 per

here is our Impact goal and assesment plan