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Costa Dulce

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Where wellness meets natural playground.  Retreat to nature, the jungle, and the beach at Costa Dulce Eco-Resort and Retreat Center.  Natural living meets rustic luxury.  True relaxation and tranquility.  Costa Dulce Hotel has grown organically, integrating itself with the surrounding natural environment.  We are committed to a grass-roots approach to tourism and a more sustainable future through improving the social, economic and environmental well being of the surrounding communities.

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About Us

At Costa Dulce we believe that the most important bottom line is our collective social and environmental well being. By simply enjoying the beauty of Costa Dulce you will help us succeed with our many community and environmental initiatives and you can feel good about traveling.

A combination of a rapidly growing local economy and global climate change has taken a toll on the environment and our communities. We focus our resources to improve water security for our villages by reforestation and potable water systems, create a diversified local economy through buying local and providing micro financing, countering the effects of land speculation through affordable housing projects, protecting endangered species through conservation programs, and empowering our community members through education and fair paid employment opportunities.

Nicaragua is experiencing a rapidly changing climate, causing lasting droughts and taking a toll on our water supplies. We see access to clean drinking water as a priority to maintaining the quality of life in our neighbouring communities. Replanting trees in our deforested watershed is an effective way to both slow climate change and retain fresh water. Apart from our ongoing reforestation efforts we are also working on potable water projects to secure potable water for our neighbours during these changing times.