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Baseball Beyond Borders (BBB) is a sports-based community development organization dedicated to providing access and increasing opportunities for youth, especially those from underrepresented communities, through baseball and softball. Launched in 2014, with roots stretching back to 2007 under Chaffey Baseball Inner-City, BBB emphasizes student-athlete development in both athletics and academics. The organization aims to break down financial, geographical, and social barriers that limit youth and families in communities from engaging in these sports. BBB not only focuses on urban youth and the development of their baseball/softball skills but also invests resources in developing community leaders and coaches. It works to create community-wide efforts, involving local organizations within urban settings, both domestically and abroad, to raise awareness and provide more opportunities for youth in baseball and softball

Impact Story

Baseball Beyond Borders (BBB) was founded on a profound recognition of the disparities in access to baseball and softball for youth, particularly those from underrepresented communities. The organization's existence is deeply rooted in the desire to bridge gaps in opportunity, providing a platform where young athletes can flourish not only in their sport but also academically and personally. BBB is driven by a mission to utilize baseball and softball as conduits for life skills development, breaking down financial, geographical, and social barriers that have historically sidelined many youth of color. Through its programs, BBB connects the passion of student-athletes to their academic futures, emphasizing a holistic approach to development that prepares them for life beyond the playing field. This commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals reflects a deep understanding of the role sports can play in shaping futures, highlighting why BBB is more than just a sports organization—it's a beacon of hope and a builder of dreams for those it serves.

The positive impact of BBB on the communities it touches is undeniable. Through its comprehensive approach that combines sports training with academic and personal development, BBB has opened doors for hundreds of young athletes. Success stories abound, from athletes who have gone on to play at collegiate and professional levels to those who have become community leaders and mentors themselves. BBB's influence extends beyond the individual, fostering a sense of community and belonging among its participants and their families. By creating pathways for exploration and exposure to the sport, BBB is not just developing athletes; it's cultivating leaders who understand the importance of giving back. This ripple effect of empowerment and community upliftment underscores the transformative power of our work, making a lasting impact on the lives of young people and the fabric of their communities.

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