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Doste Afghan Foundation

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Organization Details

Provides humanitarian assistance to at-risk women, youth, and families in Afghanistan in the areas of food security, youth education, and economic empowerment. For our womens program, we provide monthly food stipends to widows due to the severe rate of malnutriton being at 96% for women-led households in Afghanistan today. As recommended by the UN, we use a direct-cash based approach to provide stipends directly to our recipients which ensures aid is reaching those most-in need while also preserving the autonomy and dignity of the women and families. As for long-term impact, our small business grant program, we provide one-time grants to assist families in extreme poverty to start a small income-generating form of work in using their own skills set. This ensures the family can sustain and effectively work, while gaining income out of it to provide for their families.

Impact Story

Today in Afghanistan, 1 in 5 families has a member with a disability alongside 96% of women-led households suffering from malnutrition. Our goal is to provide monthly food stipends to ensure nutritional health and survival first. Though our long-term imact comes from our grants to start work which enables these families to sustain themselves by using their own skills set. We provide a grant to cover the equipment and inventory needed to begin their idea. Our results are now indicating these grants increase the average household income by four. This shows the growth in income, the sustainability of this method, and the impact in other areas of these families lives such as health, housing, education, and nutriton.

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