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Organization Details

Potters Gallery, a creative hub dedicated to positively influencing lives through tailored incubation and accelerator programs in the arts and creative space. We firmly believe that social transformation begins with the transformation of minds. That's why we provide comprehensive training and mentorship to young individuals with disabilities, empowering them with valuable skills and knowledge.

Our programs cover a wide range of disciplines, including public speaking, disability inclusion, leadership skills, financial management, organizational skills, scriptwriting, branding, digital storytelling, new media, voice-over, SFX make-up, and filmmaking. By equipping our participants with these essential tools, we enable them to unleash their creative potential and pursue their passions with confidence.


Impact Story

Potter's Gallery extraordinary events has brought together over 200 talented artists, writers, poets, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, photographers, and thinkers, both locally and globally through a digital platform. 

The festival's primary mission is to promote and showcase the remarkable works of individuals with disabilities, fostering creativity and artistic expression on the vibrant African continent. Throughout the festival, a diverse range of events will captivate your senses. Join thought-provoking panel discussions, engage in immersive workshops, indulge in captivating book readings, witness powerful plays and poetry events, be mesmerized by enchanting concerts, and experience the magic of thought-provoking film screenings and performances.

This festival stands as a shining beacon, the only platform dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the incredible works of talented artists with disabilities. It has become a powerful vehicle for advocacy, raising awareness on the challenges faced by persons with disabilities and championing their inclusion in development processes and outcomes. As the festival unfolds, expect to be enthralled by the presence of diplomats, media professionals, civil society representatives, development partners, and high-ranking policy makers, all converging in Abuja for four days of cultural immersion and innovation.

In the past three years alone, the festival has welcomed over fifty thousand enthusiastic visitors, transforming the atmosphere with their shared passion for art and inclusion. With media coverage exceeding two million in Nigeria, the festival has become a cultural phenomenon, sparking conversations, and challenging societal perceptions.

Join us as we celebrate the incredible talents and voices of persons with disabilities, igniting a wave of creativity and inspiring change. Let's create unforgettable memories and shape a future where everyone's artistic abilities are cherished and celebrated.

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