Based in Uganda

Reliable Refugee Storytellers Association

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

RRSA engages in a variety of activities to achieve its mission. These include:

1. Storytelling: RRSA members share their stories and experiences through various mediums, including social media, podcasts, and video documentaries. The organization prioritizes accuracy and reliability in its storytelling, ensuring that refugee stories are represented authentically.

2. Citizen Journalism: RRSA members report on news and events related to refugees, providing an alternative perspective to mainstream media coverage. The organization prioritizes fact-based reporting that highlights the diversity of refugee experiences.

3. Capacity Building: RRSA provides training and support to refugee youth interested in developing their storytelling and journalism skills. The organization prioritizes empowering refugees to tell their own stories and build their capacity as advocates for refugee rights.

Impact Story

Impact: RRSA has had a significant effect on the refugee advocacy community. The organization has raised awareness about the challenges faced by refugees and highlighted their contributions to society. RRSA has also influenced policy discussions at local and national levels, advocating for more inclusive policies and practices for refugees.
RRSA has so far empowered 70 people on business skills training and leadership to promote women agency in the different communities in bidibidi settlement. 

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