Based in Colombia

Fundación Misión Gaia

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Fundación Misión Gaia develops socio-environmental programs to increase the well-being of local communities and to promote sustainable use of natural resources of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. With its projects, Misión Gaia promotes awareness about man's relationship with the natural environment and it's care.

Impact Story

We work in a very naturally and culturally diverse area. It contains almost every ecosystem that could be found in the planet, it is home of migratory species, contains to more than 600 species of birds: 35% of the bird biodiversity of Colombia. This area holds the highest concentration of 36 endemic bird species found on the planet. Also, it host a very diverse population, from farmers, indigenous people, migrant from inside Colombia to local and foreign tourists. To accomplish its mission, for more than 9 years Misión Gaia has worked developing  actions in 3 main areas:  1) Animal health & welfare; 2) habitat protection and sustainable development of tourism; 3) environmental education.

More than 6.000 people has benefited from our programs, including local families, farmers and businesses. We have offered workshops to more than 900 children, we have trained 15 local eco touristic guides and offer community workshops for sustainable development. Also, we have treated medically 2.416 animals, spaying an neutering 1.947 cats and dogs, avoiding more than 15.000 newborns abandoned animals. We have collected more than 2,5 tons of recycling, participated in community clean ups (in the mountains and ocean), collected and properly disposed more than 170 kg of hazardous materials (used cooking oil and old batteries). We have offered living and learning experiences to more than 180 people to promote solidarity, local improvement and a mutual sense of understanding.