A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

Cardànas is a shoe brand based in Ecuador, our business model is focused in Responsible Design, and we see this not only as a simple tool but as our main company mentality and living model. 

We are constantly building our policies towards equality and fair trade. We carefully select local providers between those who produce eco-friendly materials, craftsmen, and little businesses. 

Finally, we honor all of these processes through great design and art which plays a huge part of our lives. We believe art has a paramount role in society so we strive to create spaces and opportunities for local artists and urban art.

Impact Story

We exist because we want to show an alternative way of leading business that are fashion industry related with. We analyze the positive impact of our product in each step of its cycle of life. 

We have identified 6 stages which are: designing, materials sourcing, elaboration, selling, use, second life. We believe that if we create positive impact in all these stages we will be retributing our community in many different ways.