Based in India

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

We are humans helping animals. We operate a stray animal recovery center and organic farm, located In the foothills of the Himalayas in the village of Dhanotu, Near Dharamsala,India. 

We rescue, treat & alleviate pain of injured animals, while practicing a lifestyle of sustainability & responsible consumption. We use only what we need.

Check out this blog to learn how Peepal Farm worked alongside an Experteer to use multimedia skills to support animal rights and social enterprise in India. 

Support Needs

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Impact Story

In West Delhi we run a sterilization program called the ABC Co-operative. We involve community members, vets, along with our post-op center and ambulance in a joint effort to sterilize pockets of New Delhi and keep them sterilized.

In Dharamsala, we host a sanctuary for animals and creative people called Peepal Farm. We offer a space where change-makers can work on projects to help animals. Projects like culture jamming, innovation, invention, education, or...any idea to reduce suffering! 

In addition to this community, we operate a stray recovery center which gives a place to local injured and sick animals so they can heal before we release them. There is an organic farm on the property to grow food for human residents and working guests.