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Ogunte CIC

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

We believe in social impact made by women: influential, skilled and connected women with bold solutions to social and environmental issues who create sustainable opportunities to make the world a better place. These women are more likely to be listened to and valued as civic, political and economic contributors.

  • With a team of highly qualified consultants, Ogunte CIC delivers a suite of customised products and services tailored to the challenges and business needs of women in social enterprises, the professionals working in their eco-system, and organisations who aspire to have a positive impact on women and girls
  • We offer individual and group development opportunities, service prototyping, as well as business technical assistance
  • Participants take away a “think and do” roadmap and a playbook to reinforce their inspiration, vision, strategy, their personal development, their accountability
  • We are UK based and operate online & face-to-face via a global associates’ network

Support Needs

We’re looking to improve our new business development with:

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Impact Story

Ogunte is certified B-Corp and award winning social innovation platform that helps create "a better world, powered by women”. 

Since 2007, we have worked with over 7000 women social entrepreneurs and their supporters.

  • We enable Women Social Entrepreneurs to learn, lead and connect.
  • We enable Innovation Funds & Grant Makers, and social business service providers to make a positive & measurable impact on the Women-led Social Enterprise Ecosystem.