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Expedition Colombia grew out of a tight community of international professional athletes and pioneering adventure guides based in Medellin. Naturally, we teamed up with nationally recognized expert guides across Colombia. Together, we have worked to create exclusive active travel destinations and custom-made tours off the beaten tourist tracks. All of these efforts are aimed at sharing Colombia’s geographical and cultural wonders, as well as its limitless potential for multi-sport adventure and sustainable tourism.  

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Impact Story

For us at Expedition Colombia, a love of beautiful and wild places demands participation in the fight to save them, and to contribute in addressing our planet’s overall environmental health issues. Guided by social responsibility and an ecotourism model, we source local products from farming communities on the daily and employ locals as much as possible. Our goal is to provide professional and educational development, i.e. language learning opportunities, for aspiring Colombian guides. As tourism grows in Colombia, we hope to contribute towards watershed management and water-related public health projects throughout Colombia. We started a nonprofit based in Medellin, Colombia to help us facilitate this mission. We named it YUMANA after the Spanish word “humana”, for humans, and the indigenous word for the Magdalena, Colombia’s largest watershed. To celebrate this watershed and its mighty tributaries, we host an annual river festival in Colombia, Samana Fest, which we invite you to experience.