Based in Colombia

Coomacovalle (Cooperativa de Madres Comunitarias del Valle)

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Coomacovalle is an early childhood development ('ECD') operator in Cali on behalf of Colombia's National Childprotection Agency that executes a program called 'Cero a Siempre'.

Currently the program has over 8.000 boys and girls from 0-5 years old under its care, feeding and educating the next generation of Colombians and offering mothers to go and work to support their families.

As part of the 2020 vision, the Cooperative wants to become self-sustainable. Right now, the organization is highly dependent on funding from the government to operate their ECD program. Even though there is a very good understanding between the national childprotection agency and Coomacovalle, there is no significant secondary source of income that could fund expansion of the organization in a more sustainable manner.

Impact Story

Coomacovalle is currently building out its Hybrid Value Chain which links up smallholder farmers, micro business owners and low income families. This Hybrid Value Chain is implemented in different phases and should over the next 24-36 months generate not only the income required for the expansion of Coomacovalle’s ECD program, but should also generate the contemplated social impact to the different actors that are involved in the Hybrid Value Chain.

The Hybrid Value Chain is being build on top of blockchain architecture which allows for tracing impact develivered, making it an investable option for local and international impact investors. The impact delivered will be multi-dimensional. Even though the primary impact focus of Coomacovalle does not change and remains with the delivery of the ECD program to the children in the their community, there is secondary impact being delivered, which includes, amongst others, sustainable agriculture, gender equality, and economic empowerment.

In order to plan for investment, it requires impact measurement to become accountable for impact delivery. Accounting is destiny. Coomacovalle is convinced that it’s future is intimately intertwined with their ability to deliver on impact.

Current donors are a testament for the work done by the Cooperative. The Foundation ‘Semillas’ is donating every year in order for Coomacovalle to deliver a specific ECD program for the most vulnerable infants between 0-18 months. A program the State is currently not able to fund.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is donating to Coomacovalle because of their belief they can build out a Hybrid Value Chain to deliver nutritious and economic food to the Cooperative’s children and their families.