Based in Nicaragua

Estacion Vital

A For-profit

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Organization Details

Estación Vital is a healthcare platform that promotes the wellbeing of the Nicaraguan population. The platform offers free preventive evaluations in Kiosks and telemedicine connections with healthcare providers such as family practice, nutritionist and psychologist through the website and inside each healthcare Kiosks. The preventive services include: blood pressure measurement, temperature measurement, BMI and, visual examination. The basic primary care is offer through a telemedicine connection with certified physicians. Each Estacion Vital user, from the convenience of their office or home or, at our kiosk, is able to speak, see and chat in real time with healthcare professionals. 

Support Needs

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Medical SupportOperationsSoftware DevelopmentTechnologyWeb Development

Impact Story

Vital Station helps the population to monitor their health by offering FREE preventive health evaluations and connections via telemedicine with doctors generals, psychologists and nutritionists.

We also help welfare-related companies to communicate their products directly and immediately to their most relevant consumers. This is achieved as we attract thousands of people to our Health Kiosks. We create the profile of these people with specific questions and based on that we send advertising and information directed and segmented products and services via SMS and Email