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Educate2Envision (E2E) International was founded in 2010 and operates in Honduras to create access to secondary school in rural areas. E2E invests in youth from underserved areas to be their own innovators in tackling poverty - starting in Honduras. We go beyond donating school supplies and building schools to create an education movement that positively transforms access to education community-wide. By creating first-generation high school students, we establish the precedent that ignites confidence and ideas among the youth to further develop their communities. Our programs place a special emphasis on girls who face the greatest risk of dropping out early from adolescent pregnancy. We believe educating the future mothers of the world will give future generations a chance of reaching their full potential.

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According to a study published by the Inter-American Dialogue in February of 2017, "one in ten Hondurans are illiterate, and in rural areas, this increases to two in ten." The same article also claims that even though the government spends a very high percentage of its budget on education, we are still exhibiting a very low performance compared to other countries in Central America. 

We exist to bridge this education gap. E2E focuses on aiding students living in rural areas with their secondary education through a government-accredited distance education program. We enhance their otherwise traditional education experience with educational trainings, fun activities and motivational speakers in an effort to help them become well-rounded critical thinkers. Additionally, our students are required to complete 200 hours of community service and become entrepreneurs of their own student-led micro-enterprise. 

This year, we managed to double the number of communities we'll be working in - from four to eight. One hundred and twenty students are enrolled with us for this academic school year, which means we'll be reaching twice as many families with our community service projects, and we'll be encouraging twice as many teens to dream big.