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Education Plus Nicaragua Inc. Is a 501c3 based in the USA but with the only purpose of supporting children in poverty and extreme poverty in Granada, Nicaragua. We started our work in Founded in 2012. Since we started, we have served to provide food, education, and activities to eliminate malnutrition, instill core values, and give them the resources and opportunities they need to rise above their impoverished circumstances. Today we have more than 300 at-risk children from some of the poorest communities in Nicaragua. Our center, "Casa de Los Sueños," has spaces we designed to support our children. We offer a library, sports court, playground, counseling services, and a wide variety of classes, including English, computers, and university preparation. With love and faith, our staff teaches children their lives have value, and they can make their dreams come true.

Impact Story

We believe in Empowering People through Education and integrating valuable programs for impoverished children in El Pantana, Granada. We have designed programs to support our children in the challenges they face for the lack of opportunities and deprivation of livelihoods that poverty brings to their lives. 

  1. School Reinforcement: We provide material, teachers, and uniforms to assure 100% attendance in school to more than 300 students. This program is designed to provide quality education and work in soft and hard skills for a successful professional future. 
  2. Professional Development: When our children turn 15, we start preparing them to enroll in university and technical education. 
  3. Scholarships for University: Each of our students has the chance to attend University or Technical education if they are willing to do it. We provide a full scholarship to our students, including material and transportation support, so they can attend university.
  4. Nutrition: We serve an average of 1800 hot meals to our students from Monday to Saturday. Most of our students have suffered or suffered from malnutrition. As a result, they don't have the strength and vitamins to study and get good grades. 
  5. Home Visit and Phoicological Attention: Must of our life or have lived violence and abuse. We made weekly visits to our children's homes, so we could find risky behavior and work with psychological and legal attention. We also visit the school to assure our children are attending school, and in case they don't, we call parents to design a plan to get them back in school. 
  6. Technology: As a basic life skill, we provide basic computer training and a computer lab for homework and research. 
  7. English Class: English as a second language is a tool to ensure a better future for our children. The average income in Nicaragua for a bilingual person is around $500, four times the minimum salary. 

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