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Organization Details

Trinysol fabricates big solar "Scheffler" reflectors in rural Mexico. Since 2006, we have fabricate about 200km in northern Mexico City in the small village of Cardonal. It's a desert area called Meziquital Valley where the natives Ñhähñus live. In 2016, we changed our production and established a "German workshop".

The Scheffler reflectors are made of steel parts and we have all the machines in the workshop to build them - good old german/european/USA Machines, lathe, mill, CNC, etc.

In 2019, we will start a series production of the Scheffler reflectors. They can be used in every industryor small enterprises that need energy or steam - we provide solarsteam. In addition, we also produce agricultural implements, solar hot water systems and a lot of more - everything of steel. 

Impact Story

In the desert, we have a unique challenge of figuring out how to effectively and sustainable grow crops and generate energy for agricultural-related projects.

In 1999, we began to build solar reflectors in Mexico for cooking as an energy efficient and healthier option. However, he discovered that people did not want to use the reflectors because they did not want to cook outside in the hot sun in the desert. With this knowledge, we redesigned our reflectors to enable it to be used inside a motorized kitchen. 

In 2006, we started a small workshop in the village to scale up production of solar hot water systems. Over the years, we've grow our line of products into Scheffler reflectors of diferent sizes and applications. Some are availabe for cooking directly, baking, or hot water; others generate steam for cooking and destilacion.

Over the years, not only have we help reduced the use of fossil fuel, our organization has generated jobs in our solar kitchen and support local farmers to increase their crop yield to boot!