Based in New Zealand

Onja Madagascar

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

We train talented, underprivileged youth into world-class software developers ready to work.

Onja's mission is to foster the potential of undiscovered talent to lead impactful careers in tech, unlock opportunities for others and accelerate Madagascar's development and provide the US and Europe with word-class, remote, tech talent.


Impact Story

We are an open door to a better future for young brilliant minds who would otherwise have unfulfilling careers. At Onja, they will become English speaking software developers and will be able to contribute to making Madagascar and the world a better place.

Let Clopedia, one of our students tell you her story to you:


I was very happy when I completed lower secondary school and gained my BEPC qualification. Unfortunately, it also meant the end of my education as my parents couldn't afford to send me to high school.

And so I became a farmer just like them, working in the fields to earn money to support the education of my younger siblings who were still in school.

It was a very difficult time for me as I really wanted to continue with my studies. Sometimes I would see my friends going to school and I'd be so sad. I cried a lot at that time, but there was no solution. After about a year I received a letter from Onja.

Because I was one of the best students in my region, I was invited to sit their entrance exam. There were many students like me who wanted to get in and I lost hope after a lot of time had passed.

However, I finally received news that I had been accepted. Then I realised I would have to leave my family and that was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make.

But my parents told me I would never get another chance like this so I left them to continue my studies at Onja. I'm doing well ... and after just seven months I've become a confident English speaker.


PS: Since March 2021, our graduates have started working in different companies across the UK and Clopedia herself has just started her internship with a Poland based company.