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HYCF-Helping You Community Forum is a registered non-government organization based in Karonga, Malawi. As an organization based in Malawi, we have seen the issues that families struggle with, from dealing with exposure to HIV/AIDs to pushing themselves to extreme conditions to meet basic necessities.We strive to work with communities to foster.

This organization help poor people realize their importance of existence in society and achieve a great potential  regardless of one's gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexuality, and sexual orientation. It aims at transforming societies into a better place to live in through community development. 

Support Needs

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CrowdfundingFundraisingHuman ResourcesMonitoring & Evaluation andWater & Sanitation

Impact Story

The Organization was established in 2020 with the aim of improving the lives of the Vulnerable Children, and Youths through various interventions that improve Livelihood and ensures food security. Moreover, cross cutting issues like gender, Education, HIV/AIDS and climate change are integrated. 
HYCF recognize that community unity and participation are essential to sustainable development and therefore believes in partnership and networking with other stakeholders both in public and private sectors. HYCF is headed by a young man David a holder of degree in community development. He is assisted by Project Coordinators, field officers who have diplomas in community development and vast experience in project management. HYCF offers internship to University student. 

(General demographic)

Karonga is one of the country’s least developed countries, with a gross national income per capital of USD 290 (World Bank 2009). Out of a total population of 13 million, over 39% live on less than one USD a day and 15% are extremely poor, living on less than 0.33 USD per day (GOM 2009}. Of the total population of 50 are under 18. Over 90 percent of the population derives in livelihoods from agriculture although vulnerability is high due to erratic rain patterns 
Because of climate change, High cost of farm inputs and over reliance on rain fed agriculture, HIV prevalence at 10.6% remains high although good stabilization has been recorded. The prevalence rate of Orphans in Karonga is estimated to be at 12% while the number of orphans also remains high at ……. 8% of children under the age of 18 are paternal orphans while 3% are maternal orphans. Of these, almost 50% are those orphans due to AIDS. 
2.1.1 Education 

Karonga follows an 8.4.4 structure of formal education (8yrs of primary school, 4 years of secondary school and 4 years of university level).