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Action Lab for Development

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Action Lab for Development (ACTLAB) was founded in 2016 and legally authorized in 2018 by the government of Cameroon (Authorisation No. 79/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS of 5/12/2018). We are a not-for-profit making and an apolitical group interested and involved in entrepreneurship and creative economies, and civil society work.

The objectives are:

1. To support local initiatives oriented to creative innovation and entrepreneurship, by providing tools and opportunities that track continuous improvement.

2. To facilitate knowledge–sharing between entrepreneurs, institutions and other partners by enabling networking and training activities.

3. To train entrepreneurs in terms of social welfare and fair business participation.

4. To mentor young entrepreneurs on skills and techniques that can grant a more clear view of social/business environment.




Support Needs

We’re looking to improve our new business development with:

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Impact Story

Action Lab for Development partnered Tobby Vision Computers (TVC) and MovingWorlds USA which sent a volunteer Mr. Carlos Eduardo Botia Diza from South America to the TVC in 2016. He trained for three months 14 trainees (10 boys & 4 girls) in Entrepreneurship in our laying down the foundation for the entrepreneurship course and developing the curriculum which we submitted to the government for approval. Trainees developed the following business projects arose from this course; Update and Publication of a Computer Science manual for secondary schools, Publication of a Mathematics Manual for technical and commercial schools, a restaurant, a bakery and a poultry farm which are all running and doing fine.

Secondly, Action Lab partnered Tobby Vision Computers (TVC) still in partnership with Movingworlds USA we trained 11 trainees (9 boys & 2 girls) enrolled in the school this April and May 2018 for three weeks in Entrepreneurship and Creative Innovation leading to Action Lab. The training was carried by a Movingworlds volunteer Jaime Garcia who came from Japan to TVCVET Center Bambui, Cameroon.

Thirdly, in partnership with Business Enablement Germany, fourteen Action Lab and School staffs and trainees (10 males and 4 females) were trained in Business Strategy by Mr. Olaf Seidel from A&O Business Enable Germany for two months last year and developed the TVC-VET Social Business Investment case for 2019 and beyond.