Sistema B Ecuador

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

We are part of a global movement that strives to share and imbue the idea that we all have the same quest, which is a new economic genetics that turns values and ethics into inspiration for collective solutions without neglecting individual needs. Hence, as an organization we aid businesses and corporations to move towards implementing this belief in their business models. Additionally, we as an organization are a global partner of B Lab, which is an American based nonprofit organization that incentives business to use their force for good. On this note, Sistema B facilitates businesses and corporations to complete the process of certification of B corporations enacted by B Lab.

Impact Story

One of the most influential actors of societies without a doubt are private corporations as they impact most of societies' areas. For this reason it is imperative for corporations to act responsibly as they are big communities' influencers. Having this into consideration, Sistema B creates impact by fomenting business and corporations to transform their business models and actions for them to be more conscious and aware about the environment and the community. Hence, it is possible to state that Sistema B's positive impact on society is its actions to construct a holistic way of conceiving and practicing economics, a way that is not only mindful of profit but of other essential factors as well. It is important to stress that in this specific case, we are presenting Sistema B we are analyzing and contemplating Sistema B Ecuador, which is a branch of Sistema B focused solely in Ecuador's national system and Ecuadorian corporations.