Based in Uganda

AEJ NextGen Innovations

A Educational institution

Organization Details

AEJ NextGen Innovations (AEJNGI) is an interdisciplinary research and training orientated startup NGO whose main objective to create and establish fruitful cooperation between culturally-diverse public entities for coordinating the efforts in spreading the research, innovations and technologies (RITs) wide implementation and use.

Impact Story

Widespread unemployment due to limited experiential, community-driven, and project-based practical learning has and is still robbing youth of their livelihood due to ignorance of how ICT-based learning can generate innovative products. This has resulted in unproductive and irresponsible youth loitering streets and other places in search for nonexistent jobs which further on raids them of their hopes of living. On the crossroads, most youths today are understandably pursuing their missions in an attempt to look for survival but under complicated socio-economic circumstances. Therefore, digital connectedness as an AEJNI thought for solution will provide a range of opportunities to youth that if well exploited will provide the opportunity to dramatically change both the employment and business development opportunities in the among youth in Uganda, East Africa and Africa.