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Waste Ventures

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

Waste Ventures offers a solution to emerging cities' growing waste problem by implementing a blueprint for sustainable waste picker enterprises. These enterprises employ waste pickers to conduct consistent high quality daily doorstep garbage collection from households in small municipalities, creating renewable raw materials from the waste stream. Waste picker earnings are doubled, cities are cleaned, 85% of waste is diverted from dumping, and beneficial soil conditioner is supplied to farmers.

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Impact Story

Waste Ventures creates green livelihoods for waste pickers in Indian cities, while building a commercial market for Base of the Pyramid solid waste management. Waste Pickers are those at the lowest rung of society that make a living by picking through garbage for recyclables throughout the developing world where municipal waste services fail. On average, they earn less than $2 per day and suffer from many issues of poor health and discrimination. Waste Ventures employs waste pickers to conduct doorstep garbage collection while also utilizing the collected garbage to create and market compost and recyclables. We are a rapidly growing young company with projects across India, and a focus on delivering better livelihoods for waste pickers, cleaner cities, and a better environment and a path to profitability.