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Bridge For Change (new)

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Bridge for Change is an NGO led by Tanzanian youth working to increase the productivity of young Tanzanians by creating and delivering quality training programs that provide technical, professional,  and learning skills while also building social skills and supporting character development. 

Our vision is a world in which empowered and fully employed young Tanzanians are highly productive, healthy, and happy: a source of strength and resilience for the whole society. 

At Bridge for Change (BFC) we believe that, IF young Tanzanians, men and women, have access to quality information, develop-self-awareness, and envision personal and community goals, AND IF, young Tanzanians, men and women, are provided with guidance and advice to acquire critical skills to develop their own careers and advocate as a group, THEN, empowered Tanzanian youth will be a productive driver for society bringing solutions to development challenges in their communities.


Impact Story


Every program that BFC has implemented has a core focus on developing the skills of the youth of Tanzania, focusing on training, mentorship, coaching and self-learning through online platforms and projects. Since 2015 we have partnered with over 35 schools across Tanzania and directly reached over 18,500 students through programmes including: 

Career networks support: A project that helps secondary school students (aged 15-19) in understanding who they are and where their potential lies, then start to work towards their future by developing the skills needed for them to reach their goals. Youth are also encouraged to come up with innovative ways to take action using learned skills to address challenges in their communities.

Coaching and mentorship: Professionals assist students from high schools and universities explore their potential and opportunity, through a personality test and self-discovery tool. Students who have then developed a clear vision and goal, are connected with the right mentor for them, who they will meet regularly for guidance towards realizing their dream future.