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To protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation in the digital environment, we have launched an educational and awareness-raising project on the topic of children's safety on the Internet. In 2020, based on the received feedback and requests, we decided to launch #stop_sexting as a full-scale educational project aimed at protecting children from online sexual abuse and exploitation. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have provided children, parents, and teachers with additional knowledge about mental health and child safety online/offline in wartime. In November 2022, we registered NGO "Stop Sexting", currently the leading educational organization in Ukraine on children's online safety. NGO "Stop Sexting" was created with the aim of protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation on the Internet.

Impact Story

Since 2020, we educated more than 536,000 children and more than 260,000 parents and specialists who work with children, developed the world's first VR about online sexual abuse of children, published 3 books, developed more than 40 short and long-term educational programs, launched and support IWF portal for reporting child sexual abuse materials for their further removal from the network. We also launched and support Ukraine's first helpline on the safety of children on the Internet 1545 (select 3 below) and two psychological support lines, one for children and parents, and one for specialists, on the topic of online risks. Requests received within our help and support lines are well monitored and help us to understand the level and character of existing online problems, and the feedback we receive regarding our work is a huge motivation to continue contributing to the protection of children from online sexual abuse and exploitation. The inquiries received on our helpline have also helped us successfully advocate at the government level to criminalize the viewing and possession of child sexual abuse materials and online grooming. In 2020, the #stop_sexting project was the sole winner in the Peace category of the Partnership for Sustainable Development Award, founded by the UN Global Compact Network.

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