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JUU Afrikan Festivals uses a variety  of arts(Multimedia) as a method of communication to simplify the knowledge that is meant to be well understood by the local village communities in order to make a change in positive altitude that will lead to safe productive community in the safe environments with  happiness and peace to society.



To be the company that leads in developing positive attitudes in all important areas within Tanzanian communities, and African communities in general, to address issues of environmental sustainability and human values so that life can be safe and happy for everyone.

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Impact Story

Cleng’a is known to millions of children and their parents throughout Africa as the voice of UBONGO Kids.  For the first three seasons of this popular TV show, Cleng’a played the role of Mama Ndege, the beloved teacher of the series.  His voice is recognized in classrooms throughout Tanzania, and the songs he wrote are sung on the streets of many cities and villages.


After his success with UBONGO Kids in reaching out to a broad audience to teach skills in problem-solving in science and mathematics, Cleng’a has moved on to found Juu Afrika, an organization that merges human values, respect for the environment, and the importance of academic achievement with the communities in which it is based.