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Organization Details

Tomorrowsmith Foundation is a mission-driven, innovative, learning-focused organization created to improve the quality of learning experiences for all children in India. The Foundation focuses on creating high-quality, cost-effective, demand-driven, and scalable solutions to address the challenges in the education ecosystem. The mission of Tomorrowsmith Foundation is “Transforming education by elevating teaching”. Tomorrowsmith Foundation’s solution to achieving quality education has been designed on the theory that improving the quality of pre-service training for students in private B.Ed. colleges will result in an increase in the volume, quality, and value of the teaching profession in India.

Impact Story

The foundation builds skills, motivation, and social capital for teachers - pre-service as well as in-service. In the first two years of the organization, besides setting up systems and processes, we pre-tested the training content and delivery format with a cohort of 10 pre-service teachers. Additionally, we have trained about 150 teachers so far through our other workshops.

Developing a high-quality curriculum for children in underserved areas: As a commitment to SDG 4, we help other non-profits working with rural communities build foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN) skills for young learners in those communities. We are currently developing a multi-grade multi-level teaching curriculum for a partner NGO in the Sunderbans areas of West Bengal. We have created 800 lesson plans, over 2000worksheets, and about 1000 resources for over 300 students in the Sunderbans area of West Bengal. We are training the teachers in using these materials.

Pro-teacher fellowship program is a four-month intensive program that provides training to pre-service teachers on 21st-century teaching skills such as equity, diversity, inclusion in the classroom, effective behavior management, affordable digital tools for teaching, and social and emotional learning.

Future plans: We aim to create pandemic-resilient 21st-century teacher resource centers in association with B.Ed. colleges in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India that will enable pre-service teachers to continue and enhance their teaching skills beyond regular classroom training. This, in turn, will address teacher quality, thus improving learning outcomes for children in these cities, contributing directly to SDG4. We will parallelly develop self-directed learning materials for students in grades 5-8 so that learning continues for them despite school closures.

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