Based in Uganda

Innovative Youth with Action Uganda

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Innovative Youth with Action Uganda (IYAU) is a non-profit organization that promotes empowerment of poor, marginalized and vulnerable people for sustainable change through facilitating access to skills development, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, income generation and job creation, Education, HIV/AIDS services, Orphans and Vulnerable children care and support services, Human rights advocacy, Basic Health care Services, Peace Building, Zero tolerance to Gender Based violence, research, and sustainable agricultural practices.

IYAU was founded on the premise that it is critical to elevate poor, marginalized and vulnerable people’s needs and ambitions to take responsibility for their communities. All of the organization’s work aims to contribute to a society that supports and embraces the self-assurance of the poor, marginalised, vulnerable and their communities.

Support Needs

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Impact Story

“Creating Sustainable Community Based Development Initiatives”

We believe sustainable development and transformation are essential to ensuring the creation of well-founded initiatives that empower poor, marginalized, and vulnerable people to change their lives and communities. We work to empower them with the tools and knowledge they need that will allow them to overcome the many challenges they face and focus on creating innovative sustainable business and sustainable community based driven development initiatives. It is such well-founded initiatives that create jobs, improve people’s livelihoods, and, in turn, ensure a lasting more prosperous society. As the widely-repeated adage has taught us, IYAU will help provide the hook, or access to it, that then empowers and allows the people to fish for themselves.

At IYAU, we make the little bird sing on top of the tree, we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. IYAU’s model can be described as providing a local solution to a global problem. Our projects are sustainable community based development initiatives which are community demand driven, utilize local materials, local labor and ingenuity and ownership is transferred to the communities upon completion. More importantly, we focus on optimizing sustainability of our projects by forming long-lasting, collaborative relationships with communities. We do not initiate or build projects in isolation. Instead we work with communities to co-create programs that are appropriate for them and the environment in which they live. Learn more about our approach.