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GLEN World

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

GLEN World's mission is to scale early English literacy via its free, research-based learning app GLEN Learn to bridge the opportunity divide for underprivileged children.

Impact Story

Knowledge of English has emerged as the key to educational and economic opportunities in the global economy, but 100s of millions of children are being left behind.

In California, one in five schoolchildren is an “English Language Learner (ELL)”. In the US, one in ten schoolchildren is an ELL. Their initial struggles with English at school often translate to long-term disadvantages not just in English, but also in science and mathematics. In remote and poor regions in developing nations, the situation is far worse: the odds are stacked against children making their way up the economic ladder without access to qualified teachers.

The global reach of the Internet and of low-cost mobile devices means that we now have a real shot at helping these children. We believe that digital content that brings these children from “zero to reading” can provide that crucial missing first step in their educational journey.